Professional Services


INNOPRO provides expert professional services to all organisations wishing to implement RFID technology to their business. Our consulting teams will help you to look beyond your current needs, and implement cost-effective, scalable solutions that provide value to your business. We help you design systems that integrate with your existing manufacturing and distribution processes.


Investigates the potential for RFID. Generates a catalogue of potential applications. Assesses the selected applications at operational level. Refines the business case. Generates high level pilot costing.


Develops a comprehensive design for the piloting of the selected RFID technology across all affected business and support functions.


Implements the RFID pilot project as per the design.
Phase I: Application Definition/
Business Case Development.
Phase II: Technology Immersion.
Phase III: Product Testing.
Phase IV: Production Pilot.

  • High level analysis of organisation.
  • Identify all potential RFID applications.
  • Identify all stakeholders.
  • Conduct high level site survey.
  • Generate site specific benefits case.
  • Generate site specific costing model.
  • Present findings and recommendations.
  • Initiate change management strategy design.
  • Map, modify and validate all affected work processes.
  • Identify all resources and align with affected systems.
  • Contextualise RFID within the existing information systems.
  • Develop evaluation methodology and establish base.
  • Complete comprehensive site survey.
  • Test and validate technology.
  • Expediate change management strategy.
  • Appoint vendors.
  • Install technology, systems and facilities.
  • Appoint and train resources.
  • Initiate evaluation methodology.
  • Run and refine systems.
  • Valuate impact.
  • Reporting.

Typical Project Approach


Business case or feasibility assessment - The first step to converting to RFID is essentially to develop a business case or complete a feasibility assessment. In a business case project, we learn about your unique business processes so we can identify the quantifiable business benefits that RFID offers your organisation. Alternatively, an assessment helps us determine the technical feasibility of integrating RFID into your current architecture. We conduct a site visit, perform a technology scan, and identify key risk factors and gaps in technology infrastructure. Either way, the initial phase of work delivers a high-level RFID agreed way forward.

Solution build and pilot project - We develop and implement a pilot installation, including solution architecture, hardware and application integration. We systematically test the pilot to confirm that tag data is appropriately captured and transferred into your enterprise applications with optimal accuracy and speed.

Enterprise rollout and integration - We estimate volume and performance needs and establish benchmarks for ongoing tests. We plan and manage your entire deployment, from installation to integrating new processes with affected partners.

System Design