RFID is not a “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” technology.
Different variants have different capabilities.
Tags can cost between R1 & R1OO.
Readers can cost between R2,000 & R50,000.

Many things require consideration…

  • Available Technologies – what is the most appropriate technology for the clients specific needs;
  • Environmental Considerations – does the physical environment present special challenges or requirements (eg. impact on medical telemetry);
  • Business User Requirements – do all of the organisational stakeholders understand the capabilities of RFID and have all possible applications and user requirements been considered;
  • Integration Constraints – can the selected technology integrate with legacy or planned ERP’s and other systems (eg. SAP / HIS / e-HR);
  • Organisational Impact – what will the organisational impact of the planned system be, taking into account processes, people and facilities;
  • Standards and Interoperability – does the selected technology comply with international & domestic standards and is it suitably interoperable with other standards compliant technologies;
  • Deployment and Maintenance Costs – is the selected technology competitively priced and reasonably maintainable with suitable longevity and,
  • Financial and Non-financial Benefits – are the anticipated benefits properly quantified and do they mitigate the associated costs and risks

INNOTRACK employs a multi-phased approach to RFID deployments that, dependant on client requirements, includes some or all of the following steps.

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Identify your next step

Application Analysis – high level assessment of the potential for RFID including applicational analysis, technology selection and benefits identification.

Feasibility Analysis – detailed analysis of specific RFID applications including technology and business components with costs and benefits identified.

System design – comprehensive design of an agreed RFID system including hardware and software specification and design, communications specification and design, system integration, change management, process engineering, organisational design, information management and evaluation, and benefits tracking.

System deployment (pilot and full) – management of the technology procurement and deployment process including comprehensive Project Management and Quality Assurance as required as well as delivery of change management, process engineering, organisational design, information management and evaluation, and benefits tracking as designed and required.

Step 1 - Conduct a Site Survey


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